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All-in-One: Scuba diving gears on your phone

Turn your smartphone into that incredible all-in-one dive gadget at a whopping price tag. With DIVEROID, you can capture all the fun and excitements in your diving adventures.

Dive computer
Intuitive, Big screen
Auto-sync, Sharable
Real-time diving profile, Compass
Automatic color adjustment technology for images and videos

Diving computer:
all the diving information, all in one screen

Once you have a smartphone with 6.75-inch display, you will be able to find at a glance features like auto-sync, big screen logbook, sharable real-time diving profile, and compass automatic color adjustment technology for images and videos. You can also explore parameters like water temperature, diving time, depth of water, NDL, and the compass.

Logbook: the easiest way to keep track of your diving records

To keep track of your diving activities, you need a logbook. Your smartphone can also record your diving profile, data, and pictures, automatically in a fantastic way.

Your diving profile and photos will be synced together. You can always check back and view the exact time and place where you took the picture. You can also share your images and files with friends.

Whenever you make it back to land, you can go back to those amazing moments by enjoying your stunning and detailed records alongside the locations, so you can go back and view them again anytime you want.

Smartphone, Smart Camera

You are ready to shoot your underwater moments.

Explosive Lenses

Your smartphone probably has multiple lenses, including a telephoto lens, wide-angle lens, and lots more. DIVEROID can provide more fun using a wholesome combination of the lens in your smartphone camera.

Capture your moments in original colors.

Your smartphone has a perfect camera. But you can’t snap amazing photos underwater because you need lots of light exposure from special filters and processing. You must know that this isn’t always possible when you are so caught up in fun and would instead love a more straightforward process.

DIVEROID offers more chances. You don’t need any actual filters to shoot stunning underwater moments. You can capture in intense colors and from all angles with the DIVEROID’s color correction algorithm. It offers terrific ways to create the most vivid photos in real-time. It’s easier, faster, and convenient.

whatever smartphone you have, don't worry

DIVEROID is also wholly universal. You can download the application over a wide range of smartphones, including Pixel, iPhone, Galaxy, and more. With this extensive functionality, you won’t have to worry about how changing your phone would affect your work.

Price Point

The most cost-effective dive gear ever.
Only for Kickstarter!

Body: PC+GF, Aluminum
Lens: Gorilla Glass
All iOS & Android Smartphone
(Max size 164.3 x 80.2 mm)
Built-in, Non-chargeable
500 dives(about 2 years) available
Dive Computer
Air/Nitrox supported
Recreational Diving
Smartphone Camera
Wide angle/Selfie supported
Real-time color filter
BLE 4.2

We are scuba divers!

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